Our Students

We are proud to introduce some of our most successful learners and their testimonials, who represent our main groups of students: diplomats and Edu Au Pairs.

“Learning Chinese with Jerry at Mandarin Beijing is my biggest reward”

Elle Tipping (UK)

Diplomat Students

Sheila Carey

Deputy Chief of Mission

Embassy of the Bahamas

Elma Cambell


Embassy of the Bahamas

F. Marcelle Gairy


Embassy of Grenada

Anna Manninen

Secretary to the Ambassador

Embassy of Finland

Johanna Lukkarila

Second Secretary

Embassy of Finland

Kristiina Hope

Third Secretary (Administrative Affairs)

Embassy of Finland

Tatu Juurtti

Colonel Defence Attache

Embassy of Finland

Niko Toroi

Secretary to the Defence Attache

Embassy of Finland

Dato’Syed Norulzaman


Embassy of Malaysia

Students’ Voices

I love Chinese and enjoy learning Chinese very much.My teacher not only taught me Chinese, but also Chinese culture and history, which contributes to my further interest and obsession about Chinese.The authentic learning experience in China and daily Chinese practice with my host family further proves that whoever wants to grab a foreign language skill must live in the country. Thanks a lot for the time and patience you give to me!
Meret (Germany), (3 Months / Level 4 / 3000 Words)
Because I only speak Portuguese, so it is impossible for me to communicate in English with my teacher. Fortunately, she is quite patient and considerate. She always prepared the class in advance and translated the contents into Portuguese via dictionary. Though I studied quite slowly due to the language barrier, my teacher always encouraged me to have confidence in myself. Thanks a lot! I will go on learning Chinese when I am back home.
Gleice (Brazil), (6 Months / Level 1 / 300 Words)
Jerry is a nice and patient person.she is good at understanding.I’m so sad that I will leave Beijing and you—my teacher. She told me about the history of China, the culture of China, the story of Chinese characters etc. She always repeated again and again until I understood. I am so lucky to have Jerry as my teacher, and I hope we can meet each other in the future.
Charlotte (France), (2 Months / Level 5 / 3500 Words)
I quite enjoy the whole learning process.Learning daily Chinese really contributes a lot to my local life, especially when I do the shopping and make Chinese friends. I am really happy that I could show off my Chinese to my friends back home.
Laura (Colombia), (7 Months / Level 3 / 2000 Words)
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