How We Work – Our Take on learning Mandarin

Teaching Method

The teaching methods originate from the theory and work of the famous scholar Professor Zhao Yuanren of Harvard University:

“Language learning requires access to the target language as much as possible.”


  • Teach vocabulary by utilizing form, meaning, and sound in an integrated manner;
  • Make vocabulary easy, with concise and understandable examples;
  • Focus on both definition and context;
  • Teach vocabulary in context, not in isolation.
  • Utilize strategies such as comparison, minimal pairs, word links, games, and reading;
  • Teach vocabulary through meaningful repetition.


  • Based on learners’ needs and emerging difficulties;
  • Based on difficulties experienced by learners from different linguistic background;
  • Utilize demonstration, description and explanation of the basic principles in Chinese pronunciation;


  • Teach grammar in a gradual and cumulative way;
  • Teach grammar by integrating forms, meanings, and functions;
  • Explain the relationship between grammatical forms and meanings;
  • Grammar teaching is made more purposeful by taking into consideration learners’ grammatical errors;

Chinese Characters

  • Recognition before practice, of the most commonly used characters, and meaningful repetition of characters;
  • Teach Chinese characters based on the formation of characters;
  • Teach Chinese characters by integrating the form, the sound, and the meaning;
  • Based on learners’ needs and learning objectives.


  • Design reading tasks similar to those that learners are likely to encounter in real world situations;
  • Introduce both top-down and bottom-up strategies;
  • Emphasize on developing learners’ abilities in obtaining information.


  • Keep in mind learners’ individual differences when designing listening tasks;
  • Teach listening by way of ample input and constant practice.


  • Replicate real life interactions and reflect the authentic features of oral Chinese;
  • Focus on both accuracy and fluency;
  • Organize various kinds of speaking tasks and activities to motivate learners to speak
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